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Population Change

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Start with a QUIZ


How many people in the world?  CLOCK


How many by 2100? - no longer the 9 billion peak in 2050 that we have been quoting for a while?  WATCH Hans Rosling's report..   and read this report from The Guardian that reviews the latest UN projections

Take a look at the latest UN maps projecting Life Expectancy and Fertility Rates here


TASK: summarise the key points by finding out..

  • Which region of the world is set to be the fastest growing?

  • What are the 2 key reasons for fertility rates not falling as quickly as predicted in some regions of the world?

  • What has HIV/Aids got to do with it?

  • Why is the level of women's education such an important factor?


TASK: What are the factors that determine high and low levels of fertility?


  • Read your text book - pages 147 to 149
  • Create a mindmap or a table that shows the reasons - include references to countries and data (quote birth rates per 1000) where available -  You can use this table, (with the first factor completed for you!)



Take a look on GAPMINDER - select a range of contrasting countries - instructions 



The Guardian's Population pages are always worth viewing to keep up to date 


31st October 2011 is the date predicted that  the world reached 7 billion - does it matter?    The Guardian 'Crowded Planet' Series - lots of links to follow. 


The Royal Society's People and the Planet Report


7 Billion


2014World Population Trends factsheet


All the data you can possibly need - here.  2015 data sheet


Another clock - with a freeze button and it lets you enter a date


watch this... dots video!  and 


How many people on planet earth?  David Attenborough on Horizon BBC2 Dec 2009   Who's view is correct?  READ THIS


watch this = TED talk




The UN's State of World Population report


UK's population is currently about 62.7 million - BBC pages on findings from the 2011 census 

- more on immigration Dec2012 


UK population 'to rise to 71.6m'








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