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Rivers, Floods and Management

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For help understanding the Hjulstrom curve and river processes watch the video and search this "Cool" geography site.  Explore more on this site to check your understanding of landforms. For Unit 1 you may also find The British Geographer site useful.


Processes of weathering - find out how rocks can be weathered. This is important in supplying load to the upper course. The weathered material is moved down slope to the river by different types of mass movement. Find out about these processes and add notes to your work on the upper course.



In the news...


Flood chaos, June 2012  and in September 2012


So much rain, but still a drought -  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-17875456  - not any more!  Jan 2014 - read this...


Thailand floods - watch - Some of the the worst flooding in decades is threatening Thailand's capital, Bangkok


Images and more...


Production and food supply chains distrupted   - even on a global scale? 



Australia, Dec 2010


 Cornwall Nov 2010


The Mississippi - Since 1879 engineers have been trying to control the third longest river in the world...but it isn't possible?


Cumbria 2009


Environment Agency - flood warning scheme 


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