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London - World City

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London - World City Characteristics - REVISION!


What makes a world city?  -Answer these questions using Witherick, (your little book!) page 7:  

  • How is a world city different to a mega-city?
  • What factors are most important in determining world city status?
  • Give some examples of the wider range of factors that contribute to creating a world city - you could create a mindmap here.
  • Name the top 3 world cities 


London - World City? 

Use this table to answer the question: 'Describe the characteristics of a world city' (8 marks) using London as your example. ( TABLE)


Follow these links to help with your research : 




How big is London? - newsreport


Is the Shard part of it?! (watch what Andrew Marr has to say) 

Scroll down this page for some impressive facts (e.g. how many foreign banks there are in London) 

Canary Wharf.

The Mayor of London's strategy - at least read the forward to the document.



extension: Tokyo as another example - use this table to compare it to Dhaka, see page 9 in Witherick.



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