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1.  Re-urbanisation: characteristics, causes, effects and planning and management issues: 



1. Use page 46 in Witherick (little book!) to...

  • Define filtering (useful diagram here!)
  • Define Gentrification
  • What are the main causes (4 of them)
  • Classify the consequences from the table on page 47


 take a look at this map!  (I can see a 'comment on' question forming from this!!) 



2. A Case study of Gentrification:

(an overview - you need to make it 'ring true' and will need to go through ALL of the resources linked here to be thorough - start with the PowerPoint.)  

  • Characteristics
  • Causes
  • Effects
  •  Planning and Management Issues.

  Use Notting Hill  as your  main case study - be detailed - specific locational supporting evidence needed - make it 'ring true'  - read through the PowerPoint and select info.


support your work with reference to other areas experiencing gentrification too...


(It has its own Community Group and Neighbourhood Development Plan to promote the local community http://ilovechatsworthroad.co.uk/)

Gentrification Blues? - read this Economist blog which points out:  Gentrification is no longer just the doing of young, single professionals. It increasingly takes in families too. It is here to stay and keep spreading to ever more unlikely locations. Even since the 2011 census, the wave has probably moved on from Brixton and Dalston, where young families are now settling. New graduates now are moving to what were once even grottier places such as Peckham and New Cross. In time, they may even make it to Newham. If so, if there is another census in 2021, it is likely to show that the “white flight” that so worries some commentators will have gone into reverse - read the article for more detail!


The disadvantages? read this article about The Chatsworth Rd, Hackney


And in in the long term? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-37609595



How can the impacts of gentrification be managed? - see document hereGentrification planning and managment.docx


you can take a look at these links, I have summarised key points for you in the document though:



 Cupcake Geography?! , It isn't just the UK... NEW YORK    BERLIN ,    you could find out about STUDENTIFICATION -

  What about Kennington as an example?  map (use streetview to get a feel for the place!)



2. Community Led Regeneration...


The Inner City – e.g. The Coin Street area of the South Bank, Waterloo London. Background



View Larger Map 


 1. Use the Coin Street website    to help you sort out these statements into a logical order to explain the  economic, social and  environmental problems of the Coin Street area? you can add more  - follow the History/About Us link)


population decline

slum clearance

World War 2

Containerisation and the opening of Tilbury Docks

Lack of facilities

Abandoned warehouses

Perceived as an inaccessible area

Clousre of the Oxo Tower meat packing industry.


2. How have the problems of the Coin Street area been solvedword doc - add detail about each scheme to this document - using the Developments section of the website - HERE


You might also like to find out more - here is a good overview taken from a selection of websites (open Coin Street Background Info doc). 


3. Compare this approach to regeneration to Property Led Regeneration - what do you think? Justify your opinion.




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