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Retailing and other services

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urban decline and regeneration Retailing and other services Your spec says...


  • The decentralisation of retailing and other services - causes and impacts   -(read and watch how it all began from the BBC)
  • One case study of an out of town centre retailing area
  • The redevelopment of urban centres - impacts and responses - one case study of an urban centre that has undergone redevelopment


Britain is a nation of shoppers and out of town shopping malls have a devastating impact  - do you agree?  Watch


CASE STUDY of an out of town retailing area:    Bluewater:


1. Outline the characteristics of one out of town retailing area


use the bullet points on the bottom half of page 155 and make  them 'ring true' for Bluewater


2. Assess the impacts of out of town retailing areas

- refer to positive and negative, social/economic/environmental and scale. in your answer (use this document to get you started)


Where is Bluewater?

Written for GCSE but useful content -  at least go through the slide show on Bluewater...

Bluewater's website

expansion of Bluewater - good or bad?


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