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Contemporary sustainability issues in urban areas:

1. Waste management - recycling and its alternatives

2. Transport and its managment - the development of integrated, efficient and sustainable systems.


WASTE: -  complete this word doc using your text and research...(work togetherTRY THIS


Incinerators are currently being planned on more than 80 sites under the so-called "dash for ash".

A UK campaign group against incineration - so, plenty of negatives on this website!


Energy Recovery - watch the clip on the London Waste Website 


EU countries compared


Defra - latest data for UK


You need examples of waste management strategies: London, Cairo and Dhaka are useful, contrasting approaches. Complete your research and then write an answer to the question here.


London's Waste Strategy -


Dhaka - a waste collection and composting scheme - summary


Much of Cairo‚Äôs waste has been resourcefully collected and reused by a poor working class known as the Zabaleen. After a failed attempt to modernise and sanitize this system by bringing in foreign waste-collecting companies, some major advantages to developing a sustainable, economically logical and uniquely Cairo waste-collecting system have become clear.  BBC NEWS report  Independent Newspaper article  WATCH this trailer to a film about their lives  article





How long would you spend in a traffic jam??


Assess the effectiveness of London's approaches to transport management 


Consider what effectiveness looks like - it needs to be a transport system that is integrated, efficient and sustainable... So, consider this as you gather some examples of London's approach...


London's Transport Strategies


Has the Congestion Charged worked? - scroll down and watch the video clip too!


Congestion Charge website


new bus for London


The M25




Average road speeds in London have in fact increased just a little to an "admittedly not supersonic" 9.4 miles an hour!


Cross Rail - know its aims and opening date??


Other UK examples?  Manchester MetroLink



Curitiba is a well known example of model for a sustainable city - it is in Brazil!  Curitiba   Geofactsheet  WATCH THIS  and this evaluation of the rapid bus transit system


Curitiba- Green Exchange Programme


A summary of the scheme here


Rio de Janerio - The CAG cable car project - what are its benefits? - WATCH





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