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WATCH this animation for immigration and emigration


What's the current migration situation in the UK?  Net Migration is UP...    First Syrian Refugees arrive  Calais jungle being cleared

Migration Watch  Child migrants

Please be aware of what is going on in Europe!   Conservative Govt Proposals


Your work on migration, in particular our focus on Polish migrant workers to the UK, can be used to support your understanding of:



  • The impact of migration on national population structure
  • The implications of population change - social, economic and political
  • The implications of different population structures for the balance between population and resources
  • The way in which population change can affect the character of rural and urban areas. 


Complete a table of consequences

 Positive and Negative BUT also categorise them further: economic, social, political, cultural ...


Use the geofactsheet and this summary  - use the version  on  GOOGLE DOCS  to collaborate -but then see if you can extend your research...


You will need to be prepared to present your case on the consequences (implications) of migration for either the SOURCE or the HOST country!


Some useful links:




A short documentary about a polish migrant.


What do you know about Poland? - BBC factfile to get you started and compare Poland to the UK Ifitweremyhome


The impact of migration on the host country - Boston, Lincolnshire - watch and read BBC report


A good starting point from the BBC - lots of links to follow


It is not a permanent migration for most people - going home ?  or coming backagain?  or getting the exact figure?


Polish migrants and our generous benefit system? The Daily Mail thinks we are losing out...


The impact on Poland -(a summary of the main points from this report here)


What work do migrants do ? why does it matter? UK Farmers angry at new laws limiting migrant labour  - Sept 2013


watch Poland's population pyramid change with time


News report from CH4 - Labour's proposed immigration policy...



Once all your work is complete, how will you apply it in an examination?!

Using your Polish migration case study…


·        Outline and comment on the economic and political implications of population change (15)

·        Examine the implications of population change due to migration (15)

·        Discuss the impacts of migration on national population structure (15)


Extension - What about the Bulgarians and Romanians ?  2015 data

and Migration is one of the Royal Geographic Society's 21st Century Challenges - extend your knowledge?

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