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1. What causes earthquakes to happen?  - watch Prof Ian Stewart and  this animation - more animations for other hazards here too - take a look! The anatomy of an earthquake

Find out what is happening NOW  USE THIS WEBSITE TOO!



The worlds largest earthquakes since 1900 - compare to the deadliest

Sichuan 2008


Italy August 2016 - GA report and there will be numerous BBC reports



 The Nepal Earthquake, 2015 - summary here  and read/watch: BBC news report


New Zealand November 2016 - some good STUFF here! 



For all the facts about earthquakes go to the US geological Survey site


Keep up to date with the Turkish earthquake. Find out what caused the earthquake, what type of plate margin exists here, what are the impacts and follow the response?  How well are Turkey prepared?


Have a look at this list of deadly earthquakes in the last 100 years.  And find out what earthquakes are happening now.


Watch this animation to check the basics of earthquakes or make your own earthquake and watch the different seismic waves!


Case study - Christchurch February 2011, A GOOD SUMMARY as a starting point the causes, video of effects and in pictures.  Investigate the response at a local levelnational levelinternational level.  Remember to check the Geofact sheets and geofiles on Frog for tectonic case study material, for Christchurch earthquake see geo fact sheet 275.  Your case study should include:


Location/ map


The causes (plate margins...)

The nature of the event - magnitude, spatial scale, time.. 

The effects - primary and secondary, environmental, social, economic..

The response - long term, short term, local, national, international

Prediction, Preparation, Prevention (PPP) for the event



Contrast Christchurch with Chile's earthquake February 2010.  Geofile September 2011, no 647 is a good place to start.  Look at the gallery created by the Guardian newspaper. Despite being a lower income country, Chile was prepared, yet there was still extensive damage and a death toll of 521.  The BBC news reports are a good source of information. Use the  format above to compile your case study. You could make comparisms with Haiti too, why did Haiti suffer more from an earthquake of a lower magnitude? Go to the Haiti page.


25th September 2013 earthquake in Pakistan and the creation of a new hill!

Earthquakes in the UK?


Watch this lecture - are earthquakes unnatural hazards?

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