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European Union CAP

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Managing food supply – strategies to control the level and nature of food production as evidenced in

 the European Union


Tasks to complete here.



A BBC summary of the key issues of the Common Agricultural Policy - read through it to extend your notes.




Lots of detail from the EU! CAP2020


70% of England's farmland is now under agri-environment schemes - make sure you know what Environmental Stewardship is (page 226)

Farmers earn points for the range of environmental management options they agree to provide over the course of the agreement. There are over 65 management options to choose from, suitable for most farm types such as hedgerow management, providing wild bird cover and creating buffer strips. - an example.  and an example of how it supports organic farming


Ecologist Article


Farmers Weekly - worth a read 


 Farm diversification – where the farmer turns to other forms of income outside the sphere of traditional farming practices – has become increasingly commonplace. More than half of England’s 57,000 farms have diversified in some form.

examples - farm holidyas, non-traditional crops, office rentals...


llamas! festivals tourism




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