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TASKS Counterurbanisation questions.docx  


Who moves? Take a look at the data for Swanage, Dorset. 


 Revisit your work on Bayston Hill, near Shrewsbury as an example of a suburbanised village - complete the table of changing village characterisitics -  Take a trip round Bayston Hill on google maps 


Construct a table to show the costs and benefits of  counterubanisation. - use the case study of St Ives in Barker to help you and your knowledge of Bayston Hill 


Britain's new towns  - a good read from the Economist!


Coolgeography does an overview - uses other examples of suburbanised villages - stick with ours! 


Managing suburbanisation and counterurbanisation...   

greenbelts      brownfield vs greenfield debate...  reurbanisation and inner city regeneration -  Check out the slide share on counter urbanisation.

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