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Flooding case studies

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A good case study of river floods must include:

Causes - physical and human

Effects - social, environmental, economic and short and longer term (consider the most significant effects - were they social, environmental or economic? How vulnerable are the people to flood hazards/what is their capacity to cope?)

Response - local, national, international and immediate and long term (which includes the river management).


Remember you need to select a range of facts and figures to include in any answer to support what you write.


You need to be able to compare the floods you choose from the richer and poorer parts of the world. Use this table to help you structure a response.


There are helpful links on the GCSE pages for you to start your research.


Richer world - choose one of the following 

The River Severn 2007 floods - see hand outs and GCSE pages as a starting point.

Cumbria floods - the Met office is a good place to start

Carlisle - Geography Association has a good case study.

York 2000 - Cool Geography site

Christmas floods 2013 - a starting point for research


Poorer world - choose one:

Bangladesh - see your text book page 32-34 and Cool Geography

Pakistan (River Indus)  - compile your case study using the GCSE pages and this document and these slides




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