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Icelandic Volanoes

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Eyjafjallajokull is in  Iceland, and is an example of a major volcanic eruption.  The name is a description of the characteristics of the volcano, namelyEyja meaning island; fjalla meaning mountain; and jokull meaning glacier


The eruption of the volcano in 2010 demonstrates that volcanic activitiy can have international impacts and effect richer nations. These nations are economically, socially and environmentally vulnerable to disasters such as this.


For a detailed summary of the eruption, causes and consequences. And read the Guardian news reports  Find out more with these links and make a model!


Could Katla have even more severe impacts?


Kipper William Ryanair 23.03.12


Task: Create a news report of the eruption in 2010. First you will have to practise saying the name and write the script! It needs to include:

  • How and why the volcano erupted
  • The impacts of the eruption
  • The responses
  • Include images - film footage, maps and satellite images, photos, a model..


Bardarbunga volcano alert August 2014 - find out the latest threat to Iceland and airspace



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