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The redevelopment of city centres: Southampton

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  • Flagship schemes have had a negative impact on other areas of Central Southampton.

  • Flagship schemes have extended Southampton's sphere of influence and reputation as a retail centre.

  • Local people have a positive perception of the flagship schemes.


Once you have been to Southampton you will use your data to investigate these hypotheses.


1. Collate your Shopping Quality data into a spreadsheet - you can all do this by clicking here: 

2. Take the total scores for each shopping area from your spreadsheet  and put them into this sheet: total scores.csv - locate and present this data using ARCGIS

3. Use Chi Squared to test for differences in shopping quality  - use this tableChi Squared.docx - interpret your result - what does it mean?


4. Plot the Sphere of Influence of the Flagship retail schemes by placemarking questionnaire results on Google Earth.(or you can drop these onto ArcGIS and it will plot them for you!)


5. Plot appropriate graphs, using Excel of questionnaire results relating to perceptions:


  • Age bands 1,2 = young (15-40) bands 3,4 = older (41+)
  • Process the data so that you produce a graph to show how the perceptions scores vary according to age band.


6. Then you can complete your analysis


7. Finally - you can apply your new knowledge to an exam question - use this document to help you.



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