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Population Structure

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Read your textbook - pages 161 - 164  Cool Geography has a good summary too.


WATCH this first


1. Questions to answer to get you started: - complete them using this doc


  • What is meant by the term population structure?
  • What is a population pyramid and how is it constructed?
  • What does a population pyramid show (4 things!)
  • Write definitions of the 4 indices that can be used to show elements of population structure.


NOTE the 'language' of population pyramids:

  • Pyramids can 'bulge', narrow, be concave, convex
  • The top of the pyramid can be describe as an 'apex' in its early stages
  • A population pyramid that shows a growing population is described  as progressive (stage 2/3)
  • A population pyramid that shows a declining population in stage 5 is regressive. 


2. How does population structure change at different stages of the Demographic Transition Model? - table and resources here.


3. Examples of countries and their population structure - task and geofile to read.


4. The UK's Population Structure - HOW and WHY has it changed?


a. Begin by watching this animated pyramid


b. Annotate the 2014 pyramid for the UK - identify variations in its structure and reasons   for the changes - USE the detail from pages 162/3 in your text book.

NOTE everything in the text has now moved up the pyramid by 10 years!

          Birth rate in 2013 is actually slightly higher than in 2001 - why?


This pyramid just shows changes that have occurred to the UK's population structure while it has been in STAGE 4 of the DTM.


c. Use this document to describe and explain the UK's changing population structure throughout the demographic transition - you also have to SKETCH a pyramid for each stage.

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